Chris’ Birthday Cake(s)

This past weekend was Chris’ birthday.  Happy Birthday Chris!  The very first cake I ever made for Chris was a Maraschino Cherry Chocolate cake, that he loved, it’s not the same as this one because the cherries are baked inside of that one but it is still delicious and I will have to make it again one day to post!

As usual, for his birthday I made him his favourite cake! It is a faux Black Forest Cake.  I also made another version of it to take to his family birthday get together. I called this one a White Forest Cake because I made it with a white cake instead of the chocolate.  It too received good reviews!  When I finished icing and decorating the cake for Chris, I texted him a picture because he was in the garage.  I got back “Holy #*(^%(&, that is freaking awesome” lol!  Yes, it is his favourite!!!



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Black Forest Dump Cake

I could not figure out what to make for dessert last night and because it ended up being a busy day I was not afforded a lot of time to come up with something.

I remembered I had a chocolate cake mix I bought when they were on sale for $0.99, and I knew I had a few cans on hand of cherry pie filling, so the idea was born lol.

Black Forest Dump Cake!


Fingers crossed, I am hoping to spend most of the day outside getting started on all the stuff I want to cut out of wood with my scroll saw so I can get back to painting for Christmas!  Wish me luck lol!


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