Making Fresh Pasta for the First Time

Dillon bought me a combination grinder/mincer/pasta maker for Christmas.  He knows that I have been wanting to try my hand at making my own sausages for a while and the one he bought for me also does pasta.  Since I don’t have any of the actual sausage casing…yet… I decided to try my hand at making fresh pasta!



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My Singer Knitting Machine!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

I took Boxing day off as an “On Strike” day, the same as I always do. I did nothing but sleep, read and feed Chris and Dillon leftovers lol.

Today however, I was playing with the Singer Knitting Machine that Chris got me  (because of a rather large hint) for Christmas.  I am having so much fun!

This is what it looks like out of the package, it even came with a couple of skeins of yarn to get started!

The first thing I made was a cute little baby hat! It took me about 15 minutes! 15 minutes!!!

And then I made a pair of socks.  If you have ever knit socks before you know how time consuming it can be.  I made this pair in a half hour! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas next year lol?

I anticipate having a whole lot of fun with my new “toy!”


P.S. I also got a combination grinder/pasta maker/sausage stuffer, so stay tuned for recipes and ideas when I start “playing” with it!!!

Guitar Pick – Guitar Holder

This is another one of the wood crafts I am making for a Christmas gift for my son-in-law. This time I am making a guitar holder for him, shaped like a guitar pick.  Kim sent me a picture of something like this when I asked for suggestions.


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Freezer Paper Transfer – Faux Vintage Coke Signs

Here is another one of those Freezer Paper Transfer crafts.  I thought it would be cute to take some dollar store wooden plaques and add old fashioned Coke logos to them for someone I know with a “diner” type kitchen décor!

I wanted them to end up looking sort of old and washed out but where you could still make out the actual logo.



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Wood Dragon Cut Out Wall Hanging

I’m pretty sure I at least previewed this wall hanging in one of my previous posts but now it’s finally Finished!  And I am pretty happy with the results.  I hope my son-in-law likes it!


I am out of town at the doctors today, so I rushed yesterday to get this ready to post!


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WIP for Christmas 

Seeing as I don’t have anything actually finished today, I thought I could at least show you what I’m up to!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but if not, I hate base painting.  I just want to jump into the fun part lol. But base painting does have to be done, so I generally try to do it all at once!

That’s what I’m doing today.  Or at least starting! I think this is about half of it!

I will try to get at least one thing done today to post tomorrow because tomorrow is Thursday, my new weekly appointment with the new specialist! 24 weeks worth 😔

This is what I’ve started!