Fleece Sleep Hat

Dillon asked me to make him a “Night Cap” like I made for him and Kim when they were little.  I made them matching Christmas night caps and sleep shirts.  It’s funny the things you/they remember from Christmases past!

So, I decided to make him one out of fleece.


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I started with a piece of plain black fleece.  I had to measure the circumference of his head and then added 2 inches for a wide seam allowance.

His head measured 23 inches so I cut two long triangles at 12 1/2 inches wide at the base.

I began by pinning and sewing up the sides of the triangle, right to the top.

I clipped the point at the top of the hat.

When the sides were done, I made a double fold hem and sewed that up.

And that’s all it takes to make a fleece Sleep hat!  They make great Christmas gifts when made with a Christmas fabric too!


Wooden Cat Door Stop

When I was cutting stuff out on my scroll saw for Christmas gifts I decided last minute to make a cute little Cat Door Stop for the cat lover on my list. 

 It was quick to cut out and didn’t take long to sand down in preparation for painting!

We are trying to limit the amount of gifts we give each other so I am (cheating and…) making the majority of gifts in “Basket” form, mixing things I am making with stuff I am buying that suit each person!


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Faux Stained Glass #4 – The Skull

Yes, I made another one of these lol.  I have been happy with the faux stained glass pictures I made in Part #1, Part #2 and Part #3 so much I decided to keep going and make a few more.  This one obviously a skull picture and the last one, which is in progress will be a dragon!

It is back to the scroll saw today… hopefully I can get a few more projects cut out and ready for painting!

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WIP… Christmas 

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I swear if one more person reminds me how quickly Christmas is coming I might lose it lol!

While I have been very aware of how fast its approaching, it’s still been enough to get me moving…. hence the WIP!

So today I set my scroll saw up on a table in the backyard so I don’t spread the sawdust everywhere!

Today I started 4 different Christmas presents! 

Two more faux stained glass pictures and three I am cutting out on my scroll saw. That will be it for the faux stained glass but I still have a few more projects I want to make with my scroll saw, two of them requiring a bit of time! 

Here is the hired help, sleeping on the job… again!

Thankfully it is still ONLY October and I have plenty of time…. I hope lol.

Here are a few pictures of what I’ve started! Hopefully I can wrap up at least one or two to post tomorrow!

A Skull and flames faux stained glass picture. 

A diner sign. 

A Dragon Faux stained glass picture. 

The first side of a set of bookends. 

To be continued…..


Repurposed Coffee Pot – Part #2 -Penguin


Here is the second of the two coffee pots I have been working on this week.  This one is painted on a vintage espresso maker I won at one of my auctions.  I also have to admit that he started out as a snowman!  I had every intention of this pot being transformed into a snowman until I saw what the “nose/carrot” placement looked like once painted. At that point I decided he looked more like a penguin and had to repaint the base black instead of the white I had started out with.  He is still pretty cute so I am fine with it lol!



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