Roasted Butternut Squash with Feta Cheese, Cinnamon and Honey

Somehow I ended up with butternut squash plants when I purchased my vegetable plants in the spring.  I honestly had no idea what they were because the little tag was missing.  I decided to plant them anyway and see what, if anything, they would grow into.  Low and behold, I managed to grow a couple of squash…. well, it was actually more than a few but I had run over part of the plant with the riding lawn tractor and destroyed a few other that had started 😦

While I personally don’t like squash of any kind, I still thought I would give it another try in case my tastes had changed… they haven’t… but surprisingly the one person I didn’t think would even try it, let alone eat all of it (Dillon) cleaned his plate lol!



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