Blinged Out Switchplate

I’m not even sure if this warrants posting but it’s a very easy craft to make to add a touch of colour and glitter to a room.

The one I made was for the craft room! And for the record…. the craft room is finally DONE!!!!  I can’t believe it is finally done and no longer just an image in our heads. I will post about the craft room, with picture, hopefully tomorrow!


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Fabric Sewing Machine Cover

Up until today I have been using the cardboard box the sewing machine came in as a cover to keep the cats out of the thread.  We had one of our cats ingest some thread he found a few years back and it was not a good situation so it has remained covered ever since.

A week or two ago I ordered a piece of fabric from Etsy to make the sewing machine cover and finally got to actually making it on Saturday.  I have been very busy in the craft room trying to get everything finally finished.  It is exciting but crazy busy.. meaning I may miss a few days here and there of posting.

It still needs to be ironed but it was finished enough to at least post lol!


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Change Table Makeover – Craft Room Storage!

I finished the change table yesterday!!! I have had the actual change table since February and I’ve been itching to get going on it. Since the weather has been horrendous (an ice storm in April?) this weekend, I decided that’s what I was going to do!

Here is the change table before I painted it. Just a plain old change table.

I painted it with a few coats of chalk paint to match the Dresser and the End Table Cat Bed.

And then started loading it up once it had a chance to dry overnight.

Let me tell you… it fits a whole lot!! I have a bunch of bins and tins on the shelves that are still empty! Not that I won’t fill them and many other bins when I start bringing all the craft supplies from all over the house to it’s new home in the craft room lol!

We are planning on putting a section of pegboard above it for additional storage.

I have also been buying plastic containers every time I go to the dollar store for the pipe shelf. We are going to be able to sort and stack so many supplies in there! For now I have just been stuffing things in them to get them out of the way.

Once everything else is done I will sort through them and label them accordingly!

It is starting to actually look and feel like a craft room now!

Repurposed Flower Urn – Paint Brush Holder

Chris and I stopped at a local gas station yesterday for a few things, that also has an antique/thrift/consignment store.  I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular but still looked lol.  I found a ceramic flower urn on the $1.00 table and immediately thought about making it into a holder for all my paint brushes! I could barely wait to get it home and start painting it!


(Note: I am also going to include a small Craft Room Update at the end of this post because I wasn’t sure if the little change was enough to warrant it’s own post lol!)


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Recycled Cans Crafts – Part #3

This time I decided to make an organizer for the craft room.  I am actually thinking about putting Styrofoam in the bottom of the big can and using that to hold all my paint brushes.  Now it is a little gaudy but it will definitely serve it’s purpose and it’s definitely got bling lol!



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