A Couple of Cricut Projects for my Granddaughter!

I have been making a few birthday cards the past two weeks because the majority of our family’s birthdays fall in the first 3 months of the year.

I thought it only made sense that if I had my Cricut out already I should make a few things for my granddaughter!

I saw a onesie like this on Pinterest. It was so appropriate for my “grandma” persona that I had to make one. Whenever I see Scarlyt, the first thing I do is pick her up and cover her face in what I call “big smoochy grandma kisses” lol! She giggles and I get my grandma kisses in.

This is the onesie.

I also found this cute project right in Design Space for what I thought was a crayon box. It is quite a bit bigger than I thought it would be. More suited to markers, but still really cute. I will just get some of the non-toxic washable markers to fill the box!

And those are the grandma projects I did. Next week I’m going to post a few projects I did for Chris’ big 5-0 birthday coming up next week!


Heat Transfer Vinyl Baby “Announcement” Onesie

Someone I know (I’m going to be a Grandma again!!!! I was still sworn to secrecy when I wrote this post lol) is pregnant with their second child and wanted a cute way to let family and friends know the good news. I found this pattern here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/584621485/im-being-promoted-to-big-sister-big?ref=lp_rv-1 on etsy.ca for a “I’m being promoted to big sister” cut file pattern. Perfect for what they wanted!

I taped off where I wanted the top and bottom of the design to be and cut the pattern out of the heat transfer vinyl (aka HTV) and laid it out on the onesie to centre it. Looking at the pattern, the word “to” seemed to be closest to centre of the pattern so that is what I based it around.

Once I thought the placement was right, I started to iron it on.

It’s surprising how quick and easy it really is!

Less than 10 minutes later I had an adorable ” announcement” onesie all ready to go!