Rocking Chair

Again I must apologize for not being around to post. Life is just a little overwhelming right now, but I will pop on and post when I am able. I was however pleasantly surprised to see how well our blog has been able to hold it’s own while I have been absent.

This one should have been posted either before Christmas or right after but obviously wasn’t. We found a cute rocking chair at a second hand chair and I wanted to refinish it for our granddaughter for Christmas! We painted it in a bright pink and black because I wanted to do a Minnie Mouse theme and then I used my Cricut to cut vinyl to decorate the chair. In my humble opinion, Grandma and Grumpy (our version of Grandpa lol) did a pretty good job with the second hand store rocking chair! (Don’t mind the background view of the disaster area I call a craft room right now… I have barely been down there since Christmas and it needs some serious reorganization… again)

Chris sanded it down for me, filled in any spots that needed it it with wood filler and then spray painted the bright pink colour on for me, I painted the black and did the vinyl! He did take pictures for me but I keep forgetting to ask him to send me the pictures so I can upload them…. imagine that! So…..

This is the rocking chair after all the painting was done….

And this is the picture after the vinyl of course. I just used a Disney font that I bought and downloaded and made a bunch of white polka dots for the seat of the chair. I was going to make a skirt for it out of tulle, but since they also have a cat I opted to forgo the skirt for obvious reasons!

The finished rocking chair that Kim has already sent me pictures of our granddaughter, Scarlyt, sitting in reading her books!


Maternity Ornament

I WISH I had seen something like this when Kim was pregnant with my first Grandbaby! I think it is so cute and would make such a cool keepsake of a pregnancy. Once I saw it I had to make it!

Surprisingly enough, there is actually “pregnant woman” images in Design Space so I was actually able to make my own ornament within the program.

I knew what I wanted it to look like based on some of the other ones I had seen done so all I had to do was get in there and design it, cut it and stick it on the ornament lol!

Here is how the design looked in Design Space what I had what I wanted.

I cut the vinyl and then waited for the paint to dry on the inside of the ornament. All of the ornaments I bought were clear so that I could make them how I wanted them, which meant painting the insides to match whatever I was doing…. this one being white.

I adhered the vinyl to the ornament once the paint dried inside and that part was done.

As with the Christmas Story ornaments, it still needs a bow once I get to the dollar store and a hanger, but the ornament itself is done.

This is going to be a special Mother to Daughter gift from me to Kim this Christmas!

And then from each side….


Guitar Travel Mug – Yes, Another Cricut Project

Yes, another one lol… I’m honestly starting to think that when I go down to my craft room that my Cricut is going to start hiding from me lol!

This project is my take on something else I saw. What I saw was a Christmas ornament done on a curved piece of wood. It was really cool. It looked to be about 4 or 5 inches long and maybe 3 or 4 inches wide and was just like I said curved wood in an oval shape. When I saw it I thought it would be really cool for my son-in-law. Then the wheels started to turn in the hamster wheel in my brain and the hamsters said…”Hey, what about a travel mug?” So, I took their advice and this is that project!

I do have to admit I was a little concerned when I started it. There was a lot of layering and the guitar strings looked like they would be hard to “weed” and get straight on the travel mug.

It went surprisingly easy! The Cricut cut the lines/strings perfectly and somehow I was able to take a dollar store travel mug, some wood grained vinyl, cut everything and even get the lines on fairly straight. I am pretty happy with how it turned out and when I sent a picture to Kim when it was done, I got and awesome so I will take that as a point in the win column and get it wrapped and ready for gifting!!!


Personalized Guitar Strap – Cricut Project

While I have been doing the literally dozens and dozens and dozens…… of Cricut Christmas projects I have been working on, different types of projects keep popping up into my head. I keep wondering what else I can put the Heat Transfer Vinyl on lol! This is one of those projects.

My son-in-law plays guitar. I thought it would be really cool if I could make him a personalized guitar strap using images cut out using my Cricut.

I picked a font for his name and then different images I was able to find right in Design Space and “designed” him a guitar strap.

I didn’t do a screenshot of the grid layout in Design Space because it honestly just looked like a jumble of images lol.

This is how I laid it out on the guitar strap ( that I purchased at Amazon for around $12) before I actually tried to start to iron on the vinyl)

And here is the strap after ironing everything on. I have to say that what the Cricut and the Heat Transfer Vinyl can be adhered to is impressing me more and more each time I try something different. It is opening up more and more options for project and gift giving options!


RX: Sarcastic Wine Bags – Cricut HTV Project

I saw wine bags similar to these… well, guess where lol…. and really wanted to make some to add to a sort of gift set for my brother-in-law for Christmas. I figured they would be easy enough to “design” myself using Design Space and free images I could find online.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long at all to create the pattern, so I made a few of them because I think they make a cute way to gift a bottle of wine to anyone with a sense of humour!

Here is how the pattern came out in Design Space… again, backwards so that it reads properly once ironed on.

I adhered the line box on the bag first and then adhered everything else around it, trying to centre everything off of the box.

These are the bags when they are done….now all I have to do is to make some wine glasses for my brother-in-law. I think I am going to do some sort of vinyl design saying “For Medicinal Use only”lol!


"I'm Kind of a Big Dill" T-shirt

“Dill”on showed me a T-shirt like this somewhere and I took it as a not so subtle hint that he wanted on lol. I figured I could make one no problem using my Cricut and Design space. I already knew they had a pickle image after making him his “Uncle Pickle” mug, so it was just a matter of sizing the image and adding different text… .easy enough!

I spent most of yesterday doing the ironing part of all the iron on/heat transfer patterns I cut out on the weekend and this was one of them. I hate ironing so spending hour upon hour ironing was not my idea of a good time… but it was for family Christmas gifts so I guess I will get over it lol!

This is the screenshot of what my pattern looked like in Design Space…. after I switched it to a “Mirror Image” to make sure it was facing the correct way once I ironed it on…. I almost forgot about that part. I didn’t worry about the placement of the eyes, eyebrows or mouth because they all go on separately after anyway.

And this is Dillon’s finished T-shirt, all ready to be wrapped up and gifted Christmas day!


JOY Sign – Do Over Project – Cricut Project

This is a project I actually started last year. I had some wood cut offs from another project and I thought I could make a little hanging Christmas sign with them. I got as far as base painting them and then starting to paint the word JOY spread over the three pieces of wood lol.. and that was it!


Insert new colour scheme in house and new colour scheme for Christmas decorations this year and my unfinished project lol… that meant that these might as well get an overhaul/do over as well!

I started out by base painting them a completely different colour than before… a shade of gray to blend with everything else…. quite a few coats actually.

My next step was deciding do I paint or not…. Not…. too many things to get done lol… I went to my handy and very talented Cricut to finish this project.

I picked a font and cut out the letters for the word JOY.

I adhered them to the now base painted and ready wood pieces.

And then I commandeered Chris’ big staple gun to attach wide ribbon to the backs of each piece of wood to hang them by… hopefully fairly evenly.

I used a key ring ring at the top for hanging and made a nice big bow at the top and now I have a really cute JOY sign to hang on the closet door for the holiday season and finished a project I started last year! Yay me lol!!!