Crocheted Jellyfish Toy

I found the cutest crocheted jellyfish toy pattern on Pinterest that linked to With my granddaughter’s love of aquatic life I thought this would be a perfect project to make for her! I ended up making one for now and one to put away for Christmas!


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Crocheted Owl Lovey Blanket

I am very embarrassed to say that I started this blanket while Kim was still pregnant and just finished it the other day!!! I can’t believe it took me this long but I told myself the other day that I can’t get started on the things I want to make for Christmas until I get rid of my WIP’s!  This is one of a few more that I need to get done before I can start… and with their only being 4 months until Christmas… I had better get my butt in gear!!!



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Pacifier Leash/Holder

I saw some really cute pacifier holders on Pinterest.  I looked around while we were out and found a bunch of suspender clips that would work perfectly for them.  I think I bought 6 of them so don’t be surprised if more of these show up in the near future lol!



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Crochet Baby Flower Headband

Yes, a baby item lol!  Now that Christmas is behind us/me, we can start to concentrate on the soon to be grandbaby and working on the craft room!

Today I made a quick little headband with a flower on it.  It was easy to make and very quick, I don’t think it even took a half hour to complete!



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Teddy Bear Baby Hat

I made a cute little baby Bear hat for someone I know that is expecting.  They aren’t due for a while so who knows what else I will end up making. I’ve already started a pair of baby socks from a pattern I found on Pinterest!

You forget how small baby items are until you make them again, and as an added bonus, how quickly they are to make lol!



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Homemade PVC Pipe Yarn Holder

I saw a yarn holder made from PVC pipe on Pinterest a while back and really wanted to make myself one.

I bought the pipe and the ends and all the caps and unions so I could do it.  The materials cost less than  $10!
Chris said he would cut it all for me, thank you Chris.  He got it all cut and started to explain to me what I should use to make sure all the unions were adhered properly. 

I must have looked dumbfounded because he offered, and did assemble and glue it all together. Wasn’t that awesome? I think he just used plumbers glue.

All that’s left for me to do is paint it! That caused me to receive another look when I told him I’m going to paint it the same pink as the tool box project I’m working on lol! I still don’t understand why he was all that surprised!

So I took it out in the middle of the backyard  (the only place I’m allowed to spray paint any more lol) and proceeded to paint it pink!

Now I have a very handy yarn holder for my next knitting or crocheting project!


Crochet Boot Cuffs


Yesterday all I managed to make was dinner and these Crochet Boot Cuffs.  I had another Drs appointment, which affected most of the day, but I didn’t want to not post today!

These boot cuffs fall into our Quick and Easy Crochet week well.  It only took just over an hour to make both of them from start to finish! I know it really isn’t boot weather now but they would make great Christmas gifts if you are like me and start planning what you are doing this early!

I took different aspects I liked out of various boot cuff patterns I had read and turned those into these!  I will include the pattern below!


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