Crock Pot Cowboy Beans

This recipe is a nice change from making Boston Baked Beans. It has 3 kinds of meat and dried bean mixture giving it lots of flavour… and the fact you can cook it in the crock pot is even better. I like to make crock pot meals on Thursdays when I have my weekly out of town Dr.’s appointments, that way when I come home I just have to pour everything in the crock pot and there is a delicious meal cooking while I nap!!



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Hearty Beef Stew

Yesterday, with still feeling crappy, I threw a pot of stew in the crock pot to make for a quick and easy dinner.  This would have been great if I had remembered to turn on the crock pot!!!!  I went to make sure the veggies were all cooked around 4 pm and noticed the pot was cold.  First I thought something was wrong with it… then I realized I had plugged it in but hadn’t actually turned it on.  Not a pleasant surprise!  So, I turned it on high and hoped it would be ready for a later dinner!  Surprisingly enough, the stew was ready in time for a 7:30 meal.  Phew!

THEN…. up at 5 am this morning, my normal wake up time…. I let one of the dogs out to do his “business” and he came back in reeking of skunk!!!!  Not a good start to the day but I suppose being Friday the 13th, it could be considered expected!  Thankfully it wasn’t a full on strike like they normally get but it still smells of skunk in the house!

I was really hoping we  would get through one summer/fall season without at least one of them trying to make friends with the “black cat with the white stripe!”  We have a black cat and I always wonder if that’s who they think they are visiting… it’s that or our dogs really aren’t that bright??? Hmm….

Back on topic…. below are the steps I took to make our Hearty Beef Stew.  I hope you enjoy the recipe!



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My Unintentional Taco Spaghetti

Yes, the spaghetti part was completely unintentional.  I started out making a recipe I saw on Pinterest.  It was just supposed to be a crock pot casserole type meal.  After the allotted cooking time, I opened the crock pot to find a big sloppy mess.  Sorry to the pinner whose recipe I tried, but it was more the consistency of soup than anything else.  I certainly couldn’t just scoop it onto a plate and serve it.

This was now about a half hour before dinner, nothing else thawed that I could quickly cook so I had to improvise.  I figured it was already a big mess…. so I decided to just add some spaghetti noodles to it and see if it sopped up some of the liquid in the “soup.”

It did and although it was touch and go for a bit, “the boys” ate it with gusto!



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