Metal Washer/Nail Polish Necklaces

I have seen similar to this all over Pinterest… Imagine that lol…. and I have been wanting to try them ever since! 

I was out in the shop last week and saw a box full of washers sitting on the truck Chris is working on.  I asked him if he had uses for all of them and thankfully he only needed a few for his project and gave me some to “play” with!  These necklaces are the outcome of my playing.

I already had a bunch of necklace cords in the Craft Room so Sunday afternoon I made these! The yellow one is my favourite.  I used a zigzag motion with the toothpick and it almost looks like flowers!


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Dollar Store Craft – Folded Towel Teddy Bear

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at the cool towel folding craft.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it lol, but I just had to try it.  They are very cute and look great in gift baskets… whether it be a gift basket for baby, a hostess gift or a spa/bath products basket.  Or even just an addition to your bathroom décor? Who wouldn’t want one of these adorable towel teddy bears?


Below I will do my best to describe the process through words and pictures so you can make your own Folded Towel Teddy Bear! Hopefully I have as much luck with the other folded towel projects I would like to try now!


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Fluffy Sock Kitty

I have to admit that every time I look at this kitty I think of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and his soft kitty song lol!

Either way, here is another cute sock craft!

I started off with just a pair of fluffy socks from the dollar store. 

If you look at the picture below,  you can see how I cut the sock to make the body.

I just cut the head out of the other sock, pinned it with right sides together. 

Sewed the head and body, leaving an opening on one leg to turn it back to the right side.

Then I stuffed them.

I stitched closed the opening in the leg. (You can see the sad little tail lol)

I Sewed a gathering stitch around the base of the head,  pulled it tight and knotted it.

Next I Sewed the head to the body.

Then all I had to do was sew little buttons on for the eyes and nose and then I used embroidery floss, knotted on either side of the nose, to make whiskers! 

Crazy Cat Lady Bangle


Nice title, huh?  My mother-in-law is a cat lover to say it mildly.  She has a cat hotel, she has a cat charity and every Spring she takes in a Mommy cat so that she has kittens to play with and find forever homes for.  Needless to say she has a LOT of cat things. Trying to find something unique for gifts is difficult.

When I was looking through the Stockade catalogue one night, I found wooden bangle blanks.  I bought one, not really knowing at the time what I was going to do with it (add to the “stash”) or who I was going to make it for.

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