Mother’s Day “Handbag” Cake

I saw a cake like this in a grocery store flyer.  I was going to buy it but figured I could make it myself instead.  While it was simple enough to make, I did have a few issues but mainly from my not thinking it through fully before I started lol!

While things didn’t go exactly as planned, it still didn’t turn out too bad!



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Garlicky Cucumber & Radish “Spiralizer” Salad

I got a Spiralizer for Mother’s Day!!!! I guess all my hints paid off lol.  I have been wanting one for what seems like ages but never remembered to order myself one.  Now I have one! I received beautiful gifts from both of my kids… thank you to both of you… as well as from Chris and not only a wonderful lunch at my “in-laws” home but some beautiful cream coloured roses!  I was spoiled!

Since we were having the Mother’s Day lunch and although I was told I didn’t need to bring anything I couldn’t help myself… especially once I received the Spiralizer!!! I had to find something to make and this won out.  I was going to use the same recipe I use when making my usual Cucumber Salad, but this time I tried a different dressing and other than the cucumber and radish spirals being very long and difficult to serve up ( I will have to remember next time to cut them into smaller pieces lol), everyone enjoyed the salad immensely!



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Mother’s Day Flower Pens

“I hope everyone had a great Mother’s day yesterday!  I wanted to share something  I made for my mother-in-law!  She loves funky pens and I remembered seeing pens made out of the heads of artificial flowers and thought what a great gift for her!  So…. I made a little “bouquet” of them for her for Mother’s Day!

This is  quick and easy project and sure to brighten up anyone’s day!



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Our Mother’s Day Lunch Update

Well, we did it! We pulled it off and I think we even did it without a hitch.  Shame the rest of the days events didn’t go as well!

We had a wonderful lunch, everyone ate way too much,  Chris and my father-in-law, Randy, went out on their planned 2017 Maiden Voyage on the fishing boat  (a maiden voyage that a Three Stooges episode couldn’t rival and would require another whole post lol!), Codey, Kim’s husband wasn’t feeling well and we had a bonfire, in the pouring rain! Pretty much everyone ended up soaking wet by one method or another!

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Crazy Cat Lady Bangle


Nice title, huh?  My mother-in-law is a cat lover to say it mildly.  She has a cat hotel, she has a cat charity and every Spring she takes in a Mommy cat so that she has kittens to play with and find forever homes for.  Needless to say she has a LOT of cat things. Trying to find something unique for gifts is difficult.

When I was looking through the Stockade catalogue one night, I found wooden bangle blanks.  I bought one, not really knowing at the time what I was going to do with it (add to the “stash”) or who I was going to make it for.

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