Polymer Clay Mug # 4 – Dragon Eye

Here is my final Polymer Clay mug, the fourth of the mini series of mugs I was making for birthday gifts for family.

I was originally going to put some sort of bicycle on this one or something to do with cycling but when I mentioned it to Chris he said, “Dillon isn’t going to want a mug with a bicycle on it,” lol.  I still can’t figure out why not but I went in a completely different direction.

I have seen so many really cool dragons and dragon eyes done in polymer clay and they didn’t seem all that difficult to do so I winged it and made a dragon eye with scales and horns and all that fun stuff on a mug for Dillon.

While I doubt he will actually use this as a mug… for fear of getting a horn up the nose if nothing else lol… it was still fun to make!


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Polymer Mugs – #3 – Nintendo Controller

I FINALLY finished the 4 Polymer Mugs I was making for birthdays on Wednesday!!!!!  I have posted the first two I made, Polymer Mug #1 and Polymer Mug #2 previously, so now it’s time for the last two. I still need to put a light coat of varethane on them but at least the part that takes the time is completed!

I decided to do a mock Nintendo controller on the mug for my son-in-law because he is a game/comic nerd lol…. hence the Baby “Geek” Dress I posted that I made for my granddaughter!  This mug was fairly easy to do.  The hardest part was trying to keep the edges straight for me.

I still don’t know if they are dishwasher safe because I haven’t actually gifted any of them yet, but I would guess not.  On most of them there are pieces that could fall off so I think I would just hand wash them!


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Polymer Clay on Mugs #1- Minnie Mouse

Almost all of the birthdays in our family come in February and March, which means after a few weeks of recuperating from Christmas I need to get back in the game figuring out what I want to make everyone for their birthdays!

I saw a whole bunch of mugs embellished with polymer clay on Pinterest and first wondered if the polymer clay would stick once cooked onto the mug and two what I could add to the mugs for each person.

This is the first of the 3 or 4 mugs I am making for birthday gifts.  I got all my mugs at the dollar store and already have a stash of polymer clay, so this gifts requires nothing else from me other than creativity!

Note: I am still deciding if they need a coat of varethane to give them a bit of shine or not lol!


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