Wood/Paint Sealer




Have you ever finished a painting or wood project, having spent hours or even days getting it just right,  only to have the sealer you use pretty much destroy the project?  I certainly have.

There are either brush marks or its “splotchy” or there is just not enough or too much shine. Do you know that feeling? I cant count how many different brands and kinds of sealer I’ve tried, but to no avail.

That is,  until I found Wood Shield by Beauti-Tone.  It goes on smooth, there are no brush marks,  it dries quickly and the one I used is acrylic, so you can clean your brushes with water.  I absolutely love every project I’ve finished with this sealer! We liked how it works so much that we used it for seal our new wooden screen door and were more than happy with the outcome!

So, if you are looking for a new sealer to finish your latest project, check it out!