Wood Dragon Bookends

Woo hoo!  Another Christmas gift off of my “To Do” List!  Yesterday and the day before I was base painting and yesterday after my Dr’s appointment I managed to get the granite paint sprayed on the “L’s” of the bookends!



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WIP… Christmas 

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I swear if one more person reminds me how quickly Christmas is coming I might lose it lol!

While I have been very aware of how fast its approaching, it’s still been enough to get me moving…. hence the WIP!

So today I set my scroll saw up on a table in the backyard so I don’t spread the sawdust everywhere!

Today I started 4 different Christmas presents! 

Two more faux stained glass pictures and three I am cutting out on my scroll saw. That will be it for the faux stained glass but I still have a few more projects I want to make with my scroll saw, two of them requiring a bit of time! 

Here is the hired help, sleeping on the job… again!

Thankfully it is still ONLY October and I have plenty of time…. I hope lol.

Here are a few pictures of what I’ve started! Hopefully I can wrap up at least one or two to post tomorrow!

A Skull and flames faux stained glass picture. 

A diner sign. 

A Dragon Faux stained glass picture. 

The first side of a set of bookends. 

To be continued…..