Easy Fleece Baby Hat

I made my mother-in-law a nice fleece, collared jacket for Christmas.  I made her one years ago and she told me a little while back that she has worn it so much that it is starting to wear out.  That gave me the perfect opportunity to make her a new one for this Christmas!!!

I had some left over fleece from this project…. enough to make my granddaughter a little jacket, pants and a cute little hat!



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Christmas Stocking

Since I have a new granddaughter I wanted to make her a stocking like the rest of us have.  It has a nice Christmas print for the outside and is lined with fleece.  This method of making stockings is actually quite simple and only took me about a half hour…. not including the time it took to hand stitch the space closed I left for turning.

Using this method you can make your own Christmas stocking in whatever size you want!



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Sewing – Zippered Pouch

Finally!  I finished the last of the three items I wanted to sew for my little group gift for a few people.  I already made the Coffee Cozy and the Sleep Mask for these gifts, I just had to get the zippered pouches completed, and I did that on Friday!

Now I just need to make some Christmas soaps to go in the little pouches.



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WIP – Well, some of them 

I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything this weekend. I did go for a drive with Chris and he was nice enough to take me out for lunch! Thank you Chris!

 I had great intentions to set up my scroll saw in the backyard and get to cutting everything out, but it’s just way too hot for that right now.  I’m pretty certain its supposed to be Fall, isn’t it? Someone obviously forgot to tell Mother Nature!

I have it all drawn/traced onto the wood and ready to go, I just need cooler weather. 

I have started to turn an ugly black repurpose of a tool box into a “girl” tool box because my current ones are overflowing.  But again, it’s too hot and humid for spray paint to dry 😕

All I managed to get done today was cut out some sleep masks, make up bags and coffee cozies I want to sew for Christmas. 

Hopefully tomorrow Mother Nature will cooperate and I will be more productive!

Oh, and I started a knitting project, becauseI don’t already have enough on the go lol.

The only thing this weather has been good for is the garden.  I am starting to get ripened tomatoes almost every day now! Woo hoo!


Sewing – Dust Cover for KitchenAid Mixer – Budget Kitchen Makeover – Part #4

As I mentioned in the Fabric Bags post, as part of my Budget Kitchen Makeover, I was going to make a dust cover for my KitchenAid stand mixer.  I did that the other day.  It didn’t turn out too bad although I could have measured around the bottom a bit better 😦

All things considered, it still does what it is supposed to do lol, and when we decided to start blogging we said we would post whether it turned out or not to keep our blog real.


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