Soap Making – Part #2

Today I decided to play with soap again lol.  It is a novelty being able to do a “craft” project and end up cleaner than you started!

This time I decided to experiment with a few different things.  I wanted to try a sort of marble effect, adding a different colour accent to the soap and the addition of other ingredients/additive type things…

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I Made Soap!

I know, it really isn’t that difficult, and I really only made plain soap… but I still made soap today. I bought a Soap Making Kit from Amazon.  It included the basics… 2 lb. clear glycerin melt and pour soap base, some colours, 2 fragrances, a little tub of cocoa butter and 2 molds.  Enough to give me a taste of it and to let my imagination start to take hold.  Look out everyone….soap for Christmas lol!

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