Spinach Balls

I am starting to make the food for the Baby Shower this week. I am trying to make anything that I can that can be frozen to make things easier. Kim loves spinach so I thought it was a no brainer to make something like this part of the “menu.”



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Alfredo Chicken Pasta (with spinach, sundried tomatoes and green onion)

Yes, I do know that is a very big title for a recipe lol but I didn’t want to leave anything out!

I forgot to take pictures as I was going but since this is a pretty simple recipe I will still post it in case you would like to try it yourself.  Even Dillon, who professes to dislike spinach cleaned his plate.  Mind you, I didn’t tell him he was eating spinach until afterwards but either way they both loved it!

I gave it to them with one of the loaves of that fresh Easy French Bread I made!


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