Woo hoo!  We have reached another blogging milestone and we wanted to stop and thank everyone who reads and/or followers our blog! Your comments, suggestions and just the fact you read our blog mean so much to us!

We work hard to try to write posts that everyone will enjoy and just maybe spur someone onto try something different!

Thank you,

Sandie & Kim

One Year Blogging!!!


We would like to start by giving a huge THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has been to our blog!  It is hard to believe it has been a full year since we started this and never in our wildest dreams did we expect to do as well as we have!

With more than 400 followers, numerous blogging awards and more than 15,000 views to our blog, we would have to call it a success and a great start to our foray into blogging!

Again, thank you to all of you who follow us and to all of you who have commented on our blog, allowing us to connect with fellow bloggers.

It has been a great year and a wonderful learning experience.

Now let us end by saying Happy Anniversary to “Oh Yes, They Did!”  We look forward to the next year and everything we want to share with you!

Sandie & Kim



It is so hard to believe that we have been at this for SIX months already! And it has been stressful at times, but mostly fun.

Thanks to all of you, we have achieved many goals, some we never imagined achieving in our first six months!  So thank you so much from both of us!

Here are some of the stats from our first month, we appreciate each and every one of them!


379 Posts


2,793 Visitors

AND we were nominated for 2 awards!

What an awesome experience this has been for us!

We hope you will continue to join us on our blogging journey as we continue to share with you the things we love to do!

Sandie & Kim

Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you…. yes, again… to everyone that has joined us on the blogging journey we started almost 3 months ago.

This week we are celebrating a few different things.  Today we received a notification that we reached and exceeded 100 followers!  Thank you to each and every one of our followers, you spur us to keep blogging and trying to find new projects and recipes to share with you!


On top of this we have had more than 2800 visitors to our blog and this week we will reach our 200th post!

It is a wonderful week for us in this blogging journey and wanted to ensure we said thank you to all of our followers, visitors and those who like and comment on our blog!

We look forward to continued success in the future.

Sandie & Kim


Thank You All…. Again!



Kim and I would like to Thank everyone that has liked, followed or even just checked out our Blog!  Yesterday we not only received our best Like day ever, we also reached and exceeded 75 Followers and achieved 1000+ LIKES!  It has been a wonderful and enlightening journey so far and would like to thank everyone that has been with us so far on our blogging journey!




Thank you from both of us for helping us reach these goals!



Thank You….. Again!

We would like to say Thank You Again to everyone who has visited, followed, liked, reblogged and commented on our Blog!


Yesterday we reached 500 Likes!


And Today we reached 50 Followers!

We know that may not seem like much to seasoned Bloggers, but it is a huge deal to us which is why we want to say Thank you so much to everyone!

Sandie & Kim


Our 100th Post!!!

We would like to Thank Everyone who has been with us on this journey so far.  Your comments, likes, advice, shares and words of wisdom have been a huge help to us in starting our first blog!

Today we reached a Milestone and uploaded our 100th Blog Post

It’s hard to believe we have been able to write this many already!  Apparently we both have more to say than we originally thought… and we each have running lists of future posts… so this is just the beginning of our blogging journey!

We hope you will continue to join us on the enlightening, sometimes very humorous, educational, rarely perfect, delicious journey we have begun!