Cranberries & Cream Trifle

I feel like I keep typing this…. but I saw this recipe on Pinterest and decided it was what I would make to take with us on Christmas Eve, when we celebrate with Chris’ family.  It just looks so delicious and festive!

I found the recipe at:

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Carrot Cake Trifle





Our Easter Carrot Cake Trifle


When I was perusing Pinterest, for one of my 2 or 3 (hour long) peeks a day, I came across this recipe.  What could possibly be better than combining Carrot Cake and Trifle?  My husband loves both so I thought I would make it for part of our Easter dessert.

It is DELICIOUS!  It is very, very filling and very sweet but well worth trying.  We thoroughly enjoyed (and are still enjoying) it!

The link to the Original Recipe is on  The only thing I did different was add raisins!  We love raisins!

I hope you try and enjoy this recipe as much as we did!  While I won’t include the recipe because it is available at the link above, I will share with you the steps as I made it.

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