Moist Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Since I had another rather large zucchini from my garden…. I swear someone slipped the zucchini some steroids when I wasn’t paying attention…. I thought I would make Chris and Dillon some Chocolate Zucchini bread.  Chris told me he loves chocolate zucchini but when I asked him if he had tasted it before, he said no?  Lol, how did he know he loved it if he hadn’t even tasted it?  I’m baffled lol.

You can also add chocolate chips or nuts or raisins, whatever you like to this recipe, but I left it just plain and very chocolatey for this batch!

I sent some to work with him in his lunch can and got two thumbs up from him and “the kids at school on recess” lol.  First they were going to give me grief about the fact it wasn’t buttered (like they do with banana bread lol), but the thought of putting butter on something chocolate just doesn’t seem right.  Either way, the bread was well received… good thing this recipe makes two loaves!!!



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Zucchini Bread

Chris has been bugging me for ages to make him some Zucchini bread.  I picked a really big zucchini from my garden the other day and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a couple of loaves.

Did you like “Vegetable” breads when you were younger?  I remember not even tasting carrot cake until I was an adult because I thought it was just a ploy on the side of the adults to get us kids to eat more veggies. The same goes for zucchini bread lol.  I wasn’t giving in to the eat more veggies conspiracy!



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